Tip the SKALE

The key details of SKALE Network explained…

In under 15 minutes!

The Problem

The Solution

Lesson 1:

SKALE- A network of dApp Specific Blockchains

Image first published by SKALE Labs
Image first published by SKALE Labs

Lesson 2:

What Is A Layer 2 vs. Elastic Side Chain

  1. Different Layer 1 Blockchain (I.e., Solana)
  2. EVM interoperable Side Chain (I.e., xDai)
  3. ZK + Optimistic rollups
  4. State Channels
  5. Plasma
Image first published by Token Terminal

Lesson 3:

What makes SKALE technology special?

Image first published by SKALE Labs
From Stan Kladko’s BLS YouTube Lecture

Lesson 4:

SKALE Governance and $SKL

From SKALE Token Economics PDF
  • Inflation is set at 9.3% first year.
  • The total supply of SKL at genesis is 4.14 billion.
  • The maximum supply of SKL is 7 billion.
  • Estimated reward rate between 9.9% — 29.71% based on participation and staking duration.

Lesson 5:

SKALE Validators (Staking and Delegating)

  • Network model: P assumes asynchronous network messaging.
  • Byzantine nodes: P assumes less than one-third of Byzantine nodes.
  • Initial vote: P assumes that each node makes an initial vote yes(1) or no(0)
  • Consensus vote: P terminates with a consensus vote of either yes or no, where if the consensus vote is yes, it is guaranteed that at least one honest node voted yes.




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